Shower/Tub Transfer Benches $37 and Shower Chairs $18 (all of our profits go to help someone with MS)

The places where a person is at greatest risk for a life-altering fall is in the bathroom where there are hard and sharp surfaces everywhere. Add to this the fact that your loved one might be naked and you have a situation where anything that you can do to prevent a fall is something you want – big time.

This is where a Transfer bench can save the day. Two legs are firmly places outside of the tub or shower and two legs are inside. The patient sits down safely outside of the tub or shower and then slides into the tub or shower. These are a brilliant solution to a potential disaster. You save your loved one’s energy and prevent the kind of accident that takes away their dignity.

Another option is a Shower Chair, with or without arms and back. The size of the shower and stability of the patient play a big part in selection of which model you want. But, for sure, the added safety of knowing that a fall risk is reduced is cheap insurance. And, here again, being seated for the duration of a shower allows the person to conserve their energy and come out refreshed rather than exhausted.

And, we are a 100% volunteer run organization - every penny of our profits go to provide Financial Aid to those with Multiple Sclerosis who are in a short-term financial bind. Buying from us helps you and someone else too!

Come see for yourself and save!

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